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Bangladesh is a beautiful country with exotic beaches, hills, forests and other natural areas, coupled with modern facilities. Take a trip in this wonderful country with top famous destinations.


Dhaka: Largest and the most powerful city in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s capital city is an important tourist spot for everyone visiting this country, mainly for the historic significance of the places in and around this city. The most important attractions of Dhaka are the Mughal fort complex “Lalbagh”, palace of Dhaka Nawab families “Ahsan Manzil”, monument remembering the brave warriors fighting and giving their lives for the Bengali language “Shaheed Minar”, and the national assembly of Bangladesh “Jatiya Sangshad”.


The city of Hazrat Shah Jalal

A beautiful and modern city, set in the banks of river Surma, Sylhet attracts tourists as it is one of the richest places in Bangladesh. It is easily accessible from anywhere in the globe by road or air. Sylhet’s important tourist destinations are Kean Bridge, Tamabil Jaflong, Sri Mahalakshmi temple in Joinpur, Sree Mangal, Lawacherra Rain Forest, Madhabkunda, Nazimgargh Resorts, Tilagor, etc.


Beautiful landscape with kind people

This area is very popular, mainly because of the big number of ethnic groups who are living here together. Tourists from all over the globe travel not just to enjoy the natural beauty of this place, but they also enjoy the unique experience like, dress, food, language and many other aspects of people in Chittagong. The beaches and lakes in Chittagong are frequently visited by western tourists as they provide a relaxing luxury at an affordable price.

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